As a nonprofit organization, Guthrie relies on our community to support our efforts to assist 病人, 提供新服务, advance our technology and provide medical education to train our workforce.
当你贡献时, you do much more than provide financial support – you change lives in the communities Guthrie serves by improving health, 生活质量, and access to needed care and services.


在您的支持下, we will continue to innovate and find solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
And together, we will continue to uplift our communities and elevate care. 




$2.4+ million dollars raised in 2020








“But how can you touch the most people with a single donation? You give to the one thing everyone will need at some point in their lives – health care.”
Dave和Judy Iocco

Dave和Judy Iocco


Discover the Difference You Can Make

What health care cause would you like to support with your gift? 在世界博彩公司十大排名, your investment in key projects and programs will help us address the greatest health care needs of the 病人 and communities we serve. Our funding priorities are focused on enhancing care in the following areas:


Support the most urgent health care needs of our community with a contribution to the 最需要 Fund.


Prioritize your health and the health of the Corning-area community with a gift to 格斯里康宁医院.


Invest in the health of your loved ones and neighbors with a gift to Cortland Memorial Foundation in support of Guthrie 科特兰医疗中心.


Strengthen the health care of the region by advancing clinical excellence with a gift to Guthrie 罗伯特·帕克医院.


Sustain growth and investment in healthcare with a gift to Guthrie 罗伯特·帕克医院, Towanda校园.


Maintain critical access to care by keeping essential services available to people in rural 宾西法尼亚 with a gift to Guthrie 特洛伊社区医院.


Partner with us to deliver comfort and dignity to 病人 at the end stages of life with a contribution to 世界博彩公司十大排名临终关怀.


Provide a home away from home for 病人’ families during times of crisis with a contribution to 塞尔希望之家.


Our dedication to you shows in our commitment to quality. This is evident through more than 80 consecutive years of accreditation by the Commission on Cancer.

 Mark Stensager Human 服务 Fund

Raise up community members, 病人, and Guthrie employees during an emergency with a contribution to the Mark Stensager Human 服务 Fund.


Support successful breast health outcomes from screening to diagnosis to breast cancer 病人 fighting today with a contribution to the 世界博彩公司十大排名乳房护理基金.

 Veteran Patient Assistant Fund

Honor those who have served us all with a contribution to the Guthrie Veteran Patient Assistance Fund.


Invest in the nurses of today and tomorrow with a contribution to 护理教育.


Invest in the next generation of physician talent with a contribution to 医学教育.


Help fund lifesaving and lifechanging innovation with a contribution to 研究.

I Have a Specific Priority

Do you have a personal health care priority? Click here to send an email and we’ll reach out to you directly.